It's not simply another disinfectant, it is a rapid response  decontamination system utilized in areas that need fast on the spot disinfection.

The DTECH emergency kit comes with a D7 ready-to-use Kit small enough to keep handy in your cruiser, yet powerful enough to deliver a  successful disinfection.  

The powerful, proven D7 formula is used by the FBI, Secret Service, DEA, EPA, and National Guard. D7 was a key component for successful decontamination 

Once applied D7 carries on working for 8 hours reducing the possibility of bacterial and viral contamination and regrowth.


The formula eliminates 99,9% of bacteria, viruses (including COVID-19).

It is nonflammable, non-corrosive, leaves no environmental load as it is completely biodegradable.

It has a superior, unsurpassed adhesion to vertical, overhead and rolled edged surfaces allowing for maximum contact time and disinfection.

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